90'S Tee Navy Blue S24

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Monrow 90'S Tee Navy Blue. This vintage-inspired piece pays homage to the glorious fashion trends of the past while ensuring a modern and comfortable fit for today's style enthusiasts.

The 90s Tee is a celebration of all things nostalgic, embracing the timeless appeal of the 90s fashion. With a crew neckline, slightly snug fit, and classic sleeves, this tee encapsulates the essence of the era that brought us grunge, hip-hop fashion, and an explosion of bold prints.

The slightly snug fit of the 90s Tee adds a contemporary twist to its vintage aesthetic. The tee is designed to flatter your silhouette while allowing for easy movement, making it suitable for various body types. Check our sizing guide to find the perfect fit that speaks to your style.

100% Cotton

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