525 America

Heritage fashion brand 525 America has been steadily filling a niche in the knitwear industry for over three decades, since its 1983 debut in Brooklyn, New York. 

With an emphasis on high-quality cotton sweaters in contemporary shapes, textures and colors that cater to women of all ages and budgets, 525 America made its mark. Innovation has since moved the label ahead of the pack with its forward yarn knitwear creations. In cotton, chenille, cashmere, style spans the range from traditional to cutting-edge.

525 America continues to push the concept of knitwear with plans to expand size offerings by constantly expanding its product line to keep pace with technology, techniques and trends. 

525 America was spotted on celebrities such as: Michelle Williams, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, Oprah Winfrey and Jessica Alba, as a testament to the brand's reputation, and featured in editorials in: InStyle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Real Easy, Teen Vogue, StyleWatch, Lucky Watch.


At 525 America, we believe this more than anything but we know that without high-quality yarns, you can't build the best sweater. We are proud to choose the finest to offer the look and feel of luxury that has become synonymous with 525 America. Since 525 America started in 1983, quality cotton sweaters are our claim to fame and our priority. We always start with the best cotton, but then challenge ourselves to find new ways to exploit this core fiber every season.


525 has developed a number of new cotton techniques, including advanced dying procedures and direct per-production printing on the yarns. We also experiment with yarn widths and gauges that ultimately drive creativity while designing cotton styles that surprise and delight each collection of our clients with season less, easy care.


Why 525 Cotton is so unique in America: Our cotton is smooth, absorbent and breathable. This makes cotton the perfect option all year long: in the winter, wet and cozy, and in the summer, soft and airy. Plus, cotton is sturdy, making it an effortless choice of style that suits your every look and mood.


Experience the luxury cashmere of 525 America. Our in-house knit experts pick only the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere to become the coziest and most comfortable sweaters you'll ever bundle up in. We work closely to ensure every quality detail, every step of the way, to ensure at the best price the lightest weight, finest gauge and softest hand-feel.