9 Seed


Designer Temma Dahan-Newman of 9seed lives in a world where her suitcase is always packed and has her passport on hand. Her vacation and travel pieces are designed for women with her own lifestyle in mind. She designs for those who travel to luxurious places while looking effortlessly chic. Inspired by exotic locations, 9seed transitions from morning to evening easily. From casual daytime activities to nighttime endeavors, with a 9seed belt and bangle you can be dressed for either. Working with luxurious and sustainable fabrics that are comfortable without compromising beauty, is something 9seed takes pride in. Temma creates her designs with color by looking at nature's best combinations. 9seed is inspired by jet set scenes of the sixties from iconic artists like Bianca Jagger and Marisa Berenson. Modern style influencers like Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss, and Kourtney Kardashian are all 9seed fans and wear it often. Found in over 300 retailers, 9seed is a popular brand everyone has to have! This label takes the impact that fashion has on the environment into consideration. They use 100% cotton as well as linen and other natural fabrics and fibers, most of which are biodegradable and are dyed by 9seed to the 9seed standards. They work with the environment through eco friendly dyes and re-usable and recycled water to continue revolutionizing the fashion production process with the environment mind. Additionally, decorative trimmings come from vintage pieces or deadstock. All of their designs are hand-cut and hand-sewn in Los Angeles. Temma and her family reside in Santa Monica and as an active mother of 3, she and her family spend lots of quality time outside and engage in the California “surf and skate” culture. In addition to her life experience, Temma has a prestigious educational background. Graduated from NYU where she studied Art History and Fine Arts, she also graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has received many awards and mentions in magazines. So from her brain and experience to your shopping cart, Temma from 9seed has you covered! From the Hamptons to Ibiza, you’ll be wearing 9seed!