Brochu Walker

Brochu Walker is a modernized fashion brand that puts emphasis on cashmere, and comfort, and includes a taste of European style. This brand understands the rich nature of luxury items. They achieve great products and pieces through their intimate attention to detail and their thoughtful designs. These collections are effortless and endless in their possibilities of where and when to wear them. This label believes in redefining the industry through their alluring pieces that are both personal and full of character. For women everywhere, this collection is sure to put emphasis on confidence while including current trends. They believe in living confidently through ageless and effortless clothing. Combined with a sophisticated sense, Brochu Walker allows for an amazing touch with flirty and fun pieces. This label also believes heavily in being sustainable and conscious of the environment and their impact on it. They design with certain attention and intention to go along with their “conscious luxury” mindset. Not only is the production and manufacturing climate conscious but their pieces are made to last forever.