Caryn Lawn

Based in Dallas Texas and founded by Caryn Lawn herself, Caryn Lawn is now a brand name for chic and casual jewelry and apparel. From years and years in the fashion and retail industry, Caryn Lawn was inspired and has made the goal to dress women head to toe in classically designed and well made clothing and jewelry. This brand has a promise to be able to fill your closet and jewelry boxes with signature pieces that are sleek, colorful, and full of life. Perfect for active, on-the-go looks and style. Their accessories are made to look effortlessly stylish and pulled together with ease. At Caryn Lawn they believe that designs can and should be both high quality and playful. The three staples of this brand are “Chic, colorful, style.” Mixing metallics and vibrant colors, these famous Caryn Lawn bracelets are a perfect piece for brightening your style and outfits. These pieces are all made to be classical and playful, made to love and layer, made to wear.