DANNIJO is a brand that was founded in 2008 by two sisters, Danielle and Jodie. The two sisters are the heart and soul of the brand that is far more than just a jewelry label, it is a sisterhood. After more than a decade, their bond has been their recipe for success in creating a decade worth of loyal customers, and a creative and inspiring environment. As children the two used to play dress up in their mother’s vintage jewelry pieces and used their cardiologist father’s medical tools to create new pieces. It was at a fundraising project when the sisters realized the potential for their brand. They were inspired by one of the sister’s documentaries she made as a student about a village called Lwala, which had a high rate of HIV and no hospital nearby. After Danielle traveled to Kenya and made this documentary she and Jodie designed a jewelry collection to raise money for that community's first health facility. Their following collection, a series of bib necklaces,  was inspired by the Kenyan Maasai tribe and gained a lot of traction on social media with the hashtag, #putabibonit. 

DANNIJO officially launched in 2008 and partnered with Bergdof Goodman. Beyonce became one of their first customers when she purchased a necklace from the department store, other celebrity supporters include: Natalie Portman, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. Since then this brand has expanded its collections to include Iphone cases, hair accessories, and vintage finds curated by the sisters. Now the two have released their first collection of clothing that includes a variety of slip silk dresses. And though their brand has grown, the two sisters run it very closely and remain hands on. In their West-Chelsea showroom, the two sisters style customers and create new pieces. The sisters don’t define their brand according to them, their community does, their network of friends, family, and fans inspire them and are a part of the fabrication of the brand DANNIJO.