Electric & Rose

Named after the two iconic streets in the soul of the Venice Beach neighborhood, Electric & Rose serves as a constant reminder of what they stand and strive for as an activewear and lifestyle brand in California. Inspired by their personal experiences like beach yoga, surfing during the sunset, backyard hangouts, canyon hiking, and bonfires with friends under the night sky, they design authentic clothes and pieces. In a few simple words Electric & Rose is reflected by the teams authenticity, adventure, and unique individuality. This brand holds the phrase living life to the fullest very closely as their motto is, “time2live”. A couple who started in their garage who has a background in fine arts and film created this brand that embraces living comfortably and authentically through design and clothing. Their love for their neighborhood and state is what inspires the brand Electric & Rose. Their design philosophy stems from the founders' love and deep appreciation for a Japanese manual resist dyeing process that produces patterns on fabric called Shiburi. This is where their tie dye inspiration comes from. Through their high quality dyes, fabrics, and processes they create modern garments that include a beautiful color scheme and fit for everyone who wears their clothing. Perfect for lounging, hanging out with friends, or going out to eat, their pieces are versatile and diverse, all the while being comfortable.