Good American

Good American, founded by Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian, is a brand looking to constantly innovate, include, and find new ways to redefine the fashion industry for the modern woman. This brand is all about action and not about just making empty promises. They believe that change begins at the top and their founders believe in listening, learning and motivating their team. The founders are women who are willing to have the tough conversations about body positivity and inclusivity which helps women thrive. Their global team is devoted and determined to make comfortable and supportive clothes for women the new normal in fashion. With innovative techniques and sustainable practices their manufactures create and produce the best pieces in the industry standard. Qualit, style and substance in every size 00-24 are the key things Good American valued from day one. Their collections feature pieces that are shown on a range of  three different sizes of models to make finding your perfect fit easy. Obsessed with perfect fit, attention to comfort and high quality fabrics factor into helping each customer feel sexier and more confident. Their brand is a movement for body positivity and inclusivity for every shape and size, which is difficult to find currently. Good American listens to  the customer’s desire and feedback and takes that information to search for new ways to make an even better fit for those who need it.  They even have the “Good Squad” which is something that customers can sign up for to get tips on career, wellness, and support from new friends. Good American invites people to collaborate with them to create not only a brand but a positive community.