Intoxicating on every woman who wears it, Hillary Schneiders has bottled her personal timeless scent that has drawn people in to say, “wow you smell amazing.” Believing in the right combination of fragrances can ignite the most amazing scent on every woman, ILARY combines a balance of oils and light floral hints to create a soft, sexy, clean scent that envelopes the senses. Hillary’s quest to package her own personal “Love Potion Number Nine” has led to sharing it with women all over the globe. After being stopped on a daily basis with the same question, “What perfume do you have on? You smell amazing!” Hillary designed the beautiful ILARY scent, a combination of layered oils that make every woman magnetic. Encased in a beautiful emerald and gold bottle with a convenient on-the-go roller-ball applicator, ILARY intoxicates as your daily signature is an easy to grab option. 

The quest to launch ILARY began in Hillary’s young twenties when she was seeking friends, fun and herself in a big city. Quickly after creating it, she realized one of her greatest assets was her scent. Seduced by the scent many stopped her to ask who’s scent it was and she replied with “my own.” With a high demand for the product Hillary unleashed it to the world and now women everywhere wear the seductive scent that creates an intoxicating aura on every woman who wears it.