Kimberly Hartman, a Texas girl at heart, is the designer and CEO of JADEtribe. As a girl raised in Houston, she graduated with a Fashion Marketing degree from the University of Northern Texas. She worked in Dallas, LA, and Paris before finally moving to New York to manage some of the top modern fashion brands. Kimberly decided to take a break from the regular 9-5, and decided to indulge in travel - she set off on a solo trip to India and SouthEast Asia. In Laos, Kimberly discovered a weaving village where she had her “Ah-ha” moment in her career. She was so taken by the colors and natural dyes paired with the weavers skills and the amazing textiles being created by these inspiring women. Kimberly continued to enjoy the village and the vibrant colors and patterns that eventually became the foundation of the JADEtribe handbag collection. Launched in 2019, with handbags and jewelry, JADEtribe is sold through top fashion retailers and resort boutiques worldwide. Many seek after the beachy and bohemian jet-set styles that are 100% natural and ethical. JADEtribe is a true example of fashion with conscientiousness. From repurposed handbags from hand embroidered baby carrier cloths, hand braided jewelry, to organically dyed and hand loomed textiles, JADEtribe does it all in an environmentally friendly way. Each element of JADEtribe is a piece of Kimberly’s heart and a piece of the hearts of the women in the village that inspired Kimberly all those years ago.