Lamarque was founded in 2012 in Montreal by third generation leather tanners. This brand specializes in luxury leather garments that are contemporary and elevated outerwear. The label is committed to achieving urban elegance with every design, it’s trademark is “effortlessly chic”. LAMARQUE’s vision reaches far beyond a leather jacket, it changes the signature luxury of the brand throughout the collections, from silk blouses, wool coats, puffer coats and everything else in between. Every collection is inspired from a unique creative vision that finds a balance between timeless and trendy. Each piece is carefully crafted with fit and style in mind. This label offers cutting edge designs in every collection while maintaining a commitment to high quality. LAMARQUE values social responsibility and sustainability through their no-fur policy and their chrome-free tanning methods on the majority of their leather pieces. Through these practices they reduce the negative environmental impacts of the regular processes. This label believes that apparel, especially leather, should not be disposable and thrown out quicker than it is purchased, they believe in treasuring and respecting pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond. 

Born and raised in Montreal, Ifigenia graduated from Lasalle’s School of Design. When completing school she worked alongside designer Kevin Allwood for nearly five years, where she had her first glimpse into the industry. After seeing what the industry had to offer she fell in love with fashion. She joined LAMARQUE in 2010 and was quickly noticed and named as the creative director. She is continuing to reposition and rebrand the classic heritage leather house known for its traditional craftsmanship and not its innovative designs.  Infigenia takes her design inspirations from the latest runway trends and has now found the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. Looking at global street style and using natural materials the designer has always respected and appreciated the leather fabric, shearling, silk and wool. She is widely renowned for pushing boundaries in the leather industry, and has only proved this during her time at LAMARQUE. She continues to travel to some of the most notorious fashion capitals in the world in search of inspiration and new fabrics, colors and textures to use in her upcoming collections.