At n:Philanthropy their garments are unique and different from other brands. Their pieces stand out because of their specific techniques like: hand distressing, dynamic deconstruction, cutouts and intricate detailing. This brand features a set of creative tees, tanks, trendy joggers and sustainable fabrics like vegan leather. They produce a recognizable variety of clothing ranging from “bed wear to bar wear.” At n:Philanthropy they push the boundaries of trendy comfort. They put intense thought into every little detail of their individual pieces and push themselves to push the bounds of trends of comfort. Using the most luxurious of finished and inventive wash treatments, n:Philanthropy succeeds in its mission to create wardrobe go-tos that make you feel confident and beautiful. Aside from their amazing clothing, they also are conscious of the things that truly matter. They prioritize pediatric cancer research and animal welfare, and therefore donate 10% of their net profits to the Children’s Hospital LA, the ASPCA, and other local animal charities. So when you buy pieces from this brand you’re not only getting something amazing, you’re also giving back.