Squeeze de Citron

Squeeze De Citron,  or “Squeeze the lemon,” holds the value in taking advantage of every fresh and juicy drop a lemon has to offer, and celebrates the zest for life and adventures. Born in 2015, Lila Limon served as both the creative director and owner.  Ever since, the label has provided attention-grabbing, beautiful bags in a range of colors handmade and imported by Mexican artisans.

After understanding the market, Lila decided to make more exclusive designs with different color mixtures to bring to the US market. After selling over 500 bags in America Lila decided to fully launch Squeeze De Citron. Each unique bag promotes celebration of culture and ethnicity. Consumers from all over the globe have displayed their bags, on a boat, by the pool, at the beach or golf course, tennis courts, or market shopping, these versatile bags are for anyone, anywhere! Squeeze De Citron bags represent the work of Mexican artisans, tributing to the dedication of cultural talent to create these lifestyle bags. 

Each custom bag takes up to a week to be created, with an additional 3 days to create the handles. Made with 100% vegan recycled plastic, makes these bags both eco friendly as well as waterproof and durable. In addition to this wonderful effort for our ecosystem, Squeeze De Citron works on a fair trade basis, giving back 65% of the annual cost production! Their owner and creative director represents her country proudly through the traditional farmer’s market bags. All of their products highlight the beauty of the Mexican country, through design and texture, showing off the intensive and delicate labor of these Mexican artisans.