Unsweetened NY

Founded in 2017 by designer Nora Neiterman, UNSWEETENED NEW YORK became a lifestyle boutique. After around 2 decades of designing and producing textiles and products for a multitude of brands and retailers, Nora made it her goal to create a brand that would combine her love of textiles, fashion, and design with her extensive first hand experience working for textile mills across the globe. Influenced by her real life experiences as a working mother of 2, the brand offers a witty and fun take on the mishaps and very real struggles in the day of a life of today’s women. Their mission is to empower and encourage women while wearing their statement pieces from their collections. The purpose is to offer chic and different designs that make customers say “Oh, I need that!”. Their limited edition pieces are New York designed, then cut, sewn, and touched up by hand in Los Angeles. They are proudly 100% made in the USA. The soul of UNSWEETENED NEW YORK is truth and authenticity integrated with edgy styles and fits with attention to detail and design to help amazing women “rock” their brand. UNSWEETENED NEW YORK has you covered for the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens.