Zaket & Plover

Zaket & Plover was founded in 2004 by Chris and Effie, the label quickly established itself as a leading Australian luxury knitwear label. With knowledge and experience in fashion and travel, the husband/wife duo have taken the business from an idea to a lifestyle brand. Derived from Greek roots, Zaket, meaning cardigan, and Plover, meaning pullover, Zaket & Plover became a label to complement knitwear. This label remains to be a family business based in 

Melbourne, Australia.  Zaket & Plover has now imposed itself in the fashion industry as a ready-to-wear collection. Every style is designed with Zaket & Plover’s core values in mind such as great quality, and sustainable luxury, with a competitive price point, so everyone may wear this label comfortably. This brand has also introduced a new sister label, Weekend by Z&P, which cam about from a love of fun and versatile novelty knits. As the name suggests, prices in the Weekend by Z&P are more casual and suitable for the weekend. With stars, stripes and bright colors the inspiration behind the Weekend by Z&P is ignited to create an even more comfortable and casual collection for consumers everywhere.