Leah Tote Turquoise Su23

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BTB LOS ANGELES Leah Tote Turquoise . As the summer sun beckons, it's time to embrace your vacation-ready style with the perfect accessory – the Scalloped Edge Straw Tote Bag.

This chic and charming tote is not just a fashion statement; it's a spacious companion designed to hold all your essentials while exuding a laid-back elegance.

The standout feature of this straw tote is its scalloped edges, adding a touch of charm and sophistication. The unique design sets it apart, making it a statement piece that effortlessly elevates your summer ensemble. Whether you're heading to the beach, strolling through the city, or enjoying a leisurely day at a resort, the scalloped edges add a playful yet stylish element to your look.


H 13” x W 22” x D 9”

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