Jackie Mini Tote Platinum R24

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Indulge in the allure of metallic sophistication with BTB's exquisite collection of handbags. Meet the Jackie Mini Tote in a metallic yarn blend.

BTB takes pride in presenting a unique blend of polyester cotton metallic yarn, creating handbags that are as durable as they are stunning. The metallic yarn adds a touch of glamour, catching the light in all the right ways. Immerse yourself in the radiance of these handbags, perfect for both nights on the beach and leisurely days in the park.

Whether you're planning a beachside soirée or a casual day out, BTB's metallic handbags are the perfect companions. Their versatility allows you to seamlessly transition from the sun-kissed shores to the urban landscape, all while making a bold fashion statement. The metallic sheen effortlessly complements your style, making every outing an opportunity to showcase your unique elegance.


DIMENSIONS: From handle to base 12.5 inches base length 8 inches. 

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