Bailey 44

To build sophisticated ready-to-wear capsules for women on-the-go, Bailey 44 blends beautiful, luxury fabrics and on-trend designs. Crafted in Los Angeles and influenced by the urban architecture and iconic landscapes of the area, modern details, traditional elements and feminine designs are what we stand for. For real life, we are designing. The style moves with you from tropical getaways to early morning meetings. We're here to make sure that every stop along the way makes you look and feel amazing. Type Journeys, Bailey 44. It takes a woman, we say, to know what a woman wants. We're a celebration of trendy, professional women getting just what they want from our creators (Ruthy and Shelli, two industry veterans), to our designers (also women), and our real-life muses (that's you). The basis for everything we do is to create fashion that works for your real life. Our tight cures of vital looks will channel forward thinking, love your body, and exude basic sophistication. Each piece is built to go from day to night, mood to mood, with you.

We build clothing based on how it feels to you, not how it looks on a runway, in a catalog or on a hanger. We approach the cut meticulously, so it works like it was made for you. We work with fabrics selectively, so they skim, stretch and breathe with you. And we're making as much of this collection in L.A. as possible. —where we are based. We fuss about each piece so that it can be effortless for your style.

In 2006, Bailey 44 began with the goal of creating a global fashion brand that celebrates the true life of a modern woman. We felt the need for pieces that trendy, accomplished women would enjoy and feel invincible wearing, as business veterans, working mothers and diehard creatives. We're designing for our families, daughters, mothers, and ourselves. The balance of cool and classic strikes every Bailey 44 piece. The feminine form honors every piece. And every piece is made to go from day to night and from mood to mood with you. We are concerned with how every garment suits and feels on the body, only sourcing the softest and most comfortable fabrics, and manufacturing as much as we can in L.A. —where we are based. Every month, we create a limited-edition set, plus our eternal classics, Bailey44 Icons, so our woman still has something new to explore and something she can't wait to wear right now. Each piece is crafted and made to be enjoyed over and over again from season to season, from generation to generation. Over 1,200 luxury stockists, including Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Shop bop, and our first flagship boutique in Newport Beach and our newest Westfield Century City boutique in LA, have expanded to carry Bailey 44.