Hat Attack

Hat Attack is a brand dedicated to casual and classic style. For over 35 years Hat Attack has offered trend setting collections. Founded in 1981 by a husband/wife duo, BJ and Bill Gedney, Hat Attack was created in a studio apartment in Manhattan. Influenced by their desire to create modern and long lasting pieces, the duo created a high demand for high quality products at an affordable price. They began working with designers, companies, and popular stores that were searching for fresher designed hats. They quickly moved up in rank and now reside in an 11,000 square foot factory in the Bronx. Their daughter, Cooper grew up with Hat Attack and is now at the head of the creative team. With emphasis on both design and accessibility, Hat Attack offers two collections each year that sets the tone for what is new and trending in hats and accessories. Every season, Cooper and the design team draw on personal inspiration and desires from their travels, passions, and color trends. 


A few of their collections have been focused on sustainability, others are defined by their use of creative fabrics like wool felts and luxurious velours. Knit yarns are developed every year as well as faux and real furs alike. Their collections vary from beach cover ups in the summer to scarves in the winter, all while adapting to the incoming influences and trends each year. The made in the USA hats are hand designed, draped, cut, sewn, and hand trimmed in their Bronx factory using wood blocks that have been collected over time. Every hat and accessory is shipped from their headquarters and every step before and after is handled with care individually to maintain the integrity of the style and brand. Dedicated to the roots of the brand the Hat Attack family brings the best quality with trendy and modern styles so each season customers are satisfied across the world. The company has been involved in every step of every process and continues to do so to uphold their family business traditions.