Mishky is a brand who employs women from generally low income communities, so that the majority of their atristan weavers are single mothers who’ve enrolled in the Mi mama para mi program. The Mi mama para mi (My mom for me) program is an initiative that helps women to work from home in order to provide that motherly loving care, and guidance and support to their children all while being able to maintain a sustainable income. This is a beyond wonderful effort on Mishy’s part, allowing single mothers to be around their children all while being able to make a living. Through the hand of women, most of which have had tough lives, are what make Mishky’s designs a reality. This program and effort is put in place so that when you buy their jewelry, you become a part of the effort to help improve the local artisans lives, their children’s lives, and are able to appreciate their hard work. At Mishky, their hope is that customers buy their jewelry not only because it is high quality and beautiful, but because it will allow the consumers to tell a story through the jewelry. This label has proven time and time again that social responsibility, sustainability and high quality can all come hand in hand, which is what Mishky takes pride in.