Sara Joy

Growing up, everything needed to be Embellished for Sara. She would paint on top of the clothes she made or embroider them. This is where her detailed obsession began. After studying art and design in college, she expanded her knowledge of textiles and fashion by working in the garment district in Manhattan. She spent many years as a print designer and directed a team or artists for store concepts to help round her as a retail professional. 

Sara launched Sara Joy in order to make every woman feel special. Everything is manufactured in limited quantities because Sara wants every woman showing up wearing something different. She prints wearable art onto fabric using digital technology, which is more environmentally beneficial. In addition, every single scrap piece of fabric after creating a piece is never thrown away. Sara makes use of every scrap piece of fabric she creates. Sara Joy prides itself on being a zero waste brand. Launching Sara Joy was a dream come true for Sara, she has a personal tie to each piece, as it is her art that kept her grounded and let her creative juices flow during difficult times. She strives to empower women and help them experience the feeling of endless summer with new pieces and accessories that are created from original artwork to help spark your inner joy.