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Brave Callianne Belt 3518 Black Bridle G
Otir Belt 3369 Bronze Nappa GOtir Belt 3369 Bronze Nappa G
Otir Belt 3369 Marble Nappa SOtir Belt 3369 Marble Nappa S
Jaliyah Belt 2527 Black Bridle - SJaliyah Belt 2527 Black Bridle - S
Jaxon Belt 3468 Black Bridle - SJaxon Belt 3468 Black Bridle - S
Jaxon Belt 3468 Saddle Salvage - GJaxon Belt 3468 Saddle Salvage - G
Kiku Belt 3219 Rawhide Stagecoach - GKiku Belt 3219 Rawhide Stagecoach - G
Medora Belt 3421 Metallic Gold - GMedora Belt 3421 Metallic Gold - G
Lev Belt 3360 Black Vachetta - S
Medora Belt 3421 Metallic Silver - SMedora Belt 3421 Metallic Silver - S
Leysa Belt Navy Bridle S 2389Leysa Belt Navy Bridle S 2389
Sold outSobe Belt Dark Brown Skrunchy G 251Sobe Belt Dark Brown Skrunchy G 251
Melle Belt Navy Bridle S 2968Melle Belt Navy Bridle S 2968
Chetan Belt Dark Brown Sasquatch G 3267Chetan Belt Dark Brown Sasquatch G 3267
Bohan Belt 3381 Bone Gump-GBohan Belt 3381 Bone Gump-G
Medora Belt Black Vachetta-S 3421Medora Belt Black Vachetta-S 3421
Yaholo Black Bridal Belt 3287Yaholo Black Bridal Belt 3287
Soula Leather Belt 1114 GreystoneSoula Leather Belt 1114 Greystone
Sold outSobe Leather Belt 251 BlackBrave Sobe Leather Belt 251 Black
Vier Leather Belt 3363 BlackBrave Vier Black belt


 BRAVE leather’s collection has been driven by the beauty of the world’s finest leather and artisans attention to detail for over 28 years. Surrounded by tools of the leather goods trade in his Canadian factory, designer Scott Irvine discovered his vision through his materials, his machinery and brings his vision to life. The BRAVE Leather collection includes belts, leather cuffs, handbags and accessories.

Scott Irvine became the first in his family to graduate from university in 1992, and announced his intentions to become a Toronto street vendor. Selling his hand crafted leather on the streets seemed to be a lofty profession, however the end year tally showed sales of $66,000 in only six months, which proved to be promising in his endeavor for an iconic Canadian brand. While street vending was appealing the Canadian winter temperatures were brutal and so Irvine decided to enter the retail market.

28 years later, more than 1,000 specialty stores across 14 countries count themselves among The BRAVE Ones. Over this time span over 2 million individual handcrafted items have been produced by BRAVE and his team of artisans. Each piece is unique and embodies the company's vision: BRAVE Leather is art inspired by it’s process. In an industry dominated by mass production in low wage companies, BRAVE’s leather is truly unique. BRAVE leather handcrafts each leather good and accessory in its own unique way that remains clean and safe. They hire local artisans and craftspeople to ensure they can make a fair living wage doing what they love.

Not only does BRAVE care for its employees, but also about the rights of workers and artists around the globe. They also care greatly about original design and are committed to producing quality, beautiful, and original products in an honest way. Their leathers are ethically produced through the traditional process of veggie tanning and are free of nasty and toxic chemicals. Their leather is exclusively a by-product of the food industry, none of their leather has required an animal sacrifice for it’s skin. BRAVE uses zero VOC water based adhesives in their production as well. As you can see BRAVE is very committed to caring for the environment and supporting the mission to produce eco-friendly fashion. BRAVE strives to reduce waste by recycling leather cuttings and creating leather tags and reusable pouches out of the recycled scraps. BRAVE’s first workshop was only 800 square feet and was located on the 6th floor of an old warehouse building, and now over 2 million products have been manufactured and BRAVE is now one of the largest eco-friendly all leather providers in over 14 countries.