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Sold outSave 30%Donna Tigerlily Dress SU24
Donna Tigerlily Dress SU24 Sale price$199.50 Regular price$285.00
Sold outSave 40%Max Balinese Floral Pant S24Max Balinese Floral Pant S24
Max Balinese Floral Pant S24 Sale price$111.00 Regular price$185.00
Sold outSave 30%Genevieve Bardot Boho Dress SU24Genevieve Bardot Boho Dress SU24
Genevieve Bardot Boho Dress SU24 Sale price$201.60 Regular price$288.00
Sold outZoe Tigerlily Top SU24Zoe Tigerlily Top SU24
Sold outKatia Black Top S24Katia Black Top S24
Katia Black Top S24 Sale price$198.00
Sold outKatia Ivory Top S24Katia Ivory Top S24
Katia Ivory Top S24 Sale price$198.00
Sold outSave 50%Donna Raspberry Floral Dress S24Donna Raspberry Floral Dress S24
Donna Raspberry Floral Dress S24 Sale price$142.50 Regular price$285.00
Sold outSave 40%Nicole Rose Stripe Dress S24Nicole Rose Stripe Dress S24
Nicole Rose Stripe Dress S24 Sale price$171.00 Regular price$285.00
Save 70%Joella Starry Night Jacquard Top H23Joella Starry Night Jacquard Top H23
Joella Starry Night Jacquard Top H23 Sale price$61.50 Regular price$205.00
Save 70%Daisy Astro Dust Garden Top F23Daisy Astro Dust Garden Top F23
Daisy Astro Dust Garden Top F23 Sale price$59.40 Regular price$198.00


Inspired by the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, the Caballero Collection was created to channel the scenic beauty, arts, and culture that is unique to that part of the world. Evident in their exclusive prints and playful silhouettes, their ambition is to tell the story of Africa. Manufacturing a clothing line with their family name, they aim to create a collection that adheres to the values important to their family. Meticulously constructing each piece, they sustainably source their fabrics and manufacture each garment to the highest industry standards. Utilizing high-end couture finishes, Caballero uses socially compliant factories to create pieces that you’d be proud to wear and love.