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Edwin Manhatton Wide Leg in Bennet front viewEdwin Manhatton Wide Leg in Bennet backview
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The EDWIN brand, which was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1947, is renowned for its sincerity, creativity, and workmanship. A national passion with denim began when founder Tsunemi Yonehachi was one of the first traders to introduce antique American jeans to Japan in the postwar era.

The first made-in-Japan jeans were introduced in 1961, spurred on by a rising demand by EDWIN, whose name is a clever rearranging of the letters in the word "denim."

By the 1970s, EDWIN had made a name for itself as a pioneer in the denim industry. In the EDWIN Wash House, the company experimented with wash methods that had an impact on denim wash procedures all over the world. Innovations included OLD WASH, a forerunner to stone wash, which faithfully reproduces faded colors using precise abrasion procedures for a lived-in denim look, and ONE WASH, a prewash process to reduce shrinking prior to purchase.

Today, EDWIN continues to set the bar for Japanese denim manufacture, taking pride in the use of premium fabrics, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge finishing, and improvements in design and fit.

The relaunch of EDWIN USA adheres to the brand's core values of quality, fit, and wash innovation. EDWIN blends mindfully designed jeans and innovation in sustainable production methods, paying homage to its history while adopting the same pioneering spirit to push denim manufacture into new horizons.

EDWIN is a perfectly balanced combination between carefully designed jeans and innovation all while ensuring they use sustainable manufacturing methods, which has always been a staple in their brand. Established in Tokyo, Japan in 1947, EDWIN has always stayed true to its heritage and DNA of authenticity, craftsmanship and innovation. EDWIN brand’s founder Tsunemi Yonehachi was among one of the first merchants to introduce american vintage jeans to Japan in a postwar world, which set off a national desire for denim. EDWIN is considered a pioneer in denim manufacturing, experimental washing techniques in the EDWIN Wash House that influenced the denim washing process around the world. These techniques included One Wash, a prewash process that eliminates shrinkage ability before purchasing, and Old Wash which is a stone wash that reproduces faded colors through intricate abrasion techniques. This brand continues to set a standard in Japanese denim productions, and prides itself on their exclusive fabrics, production technologies, best of best finishings and design and fitting advancements. Through relaunch of EDWIN USA, the brand continues to stay true to the roots and traditions of EDWIN in quality, fittings and innovative washes. While embracing the same pioneering mentality to launch denim manufacturing into new boundaries, EDWIN honors its heritage and combines creatively designed jeans and invention in revolutionary sustainable fashion.