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Marsh Gloves Deep Blue x White F23 OS
Planet Gloves Black F23 OS
Axis Gloves Smoke Brown x Vanilla x Charcoal F23 OS
Marsh Gloves Beige x Light Brown F23 OS
Explorer Gloves Black F22Explorer Gloves Black F22
Scrub Gloves Navy x Pale Blue F22 OS
Vasca Gloves Black F22 OS
Vasca Gloves Pink F22 OS
Vasca Gloves Navy F22 OS
Vasca Gloves Gray F22 OS
2Ton Gloves Olive Gray x Navy F22 OS
Sold outEvolg Navy Stripe glove
Lattice Glove Navy x Blue F22 OSLattice Glove Navy x Blue F22 OS
Evolg Marsh Gloves Charcoal x Gray
Evolg Marsh Gloves Gray x Gray
Mirage Gloves Navy x Vanilla x D Blue  F22 OS
Evolg Gleam Gloves in Navy


After rigorous research, thorough development and testing EVOLG came to life in 2008 and fully debuted in 2010 in Japan. These products are aimed to be top quality and high functioning  Japanese design. These are fun and colorful products that spelled backward say GLOVE. This is an attempt at Japanese child word play to take GLOVE and spell it backward to get EVOLG. This creative name is reflected in their creative designs. Using amazing and fine materials from Japan they assure maximum comfort for their customers. With more than 65 years of experience and unique knitting techniques each glove is made in a Japanese factory.