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Sold outPanama Tote Lux Natural Gold S24Panama Tote Lux Natural Gold S24
Brayden Natural Gold S24Brayden Natural Gold S24
Sold outMarie Natural Gold S24Marie Natural Gold S24
Marie Natural Silver S24Marie Natural Silver S24
Sold outAmara Lux Natural Gold S24Amara Lux Natural Gold S24
Sold outKelli Quartz Silver S24Kelli Quartz Silver S24
Sold outRimini Natural Gold S24Rimini Natural Gold S24
Sold outRimini Natural Silver S24Rimini Natural Silver S24
Big Sur Natural Silver S24Big Sur Natural Silver S24
Big Sur Natural Gold S24Big Sur Natural Gold S24
Indore Small Natural Silver S24Indore Small Natural Silver S24
Panama Tote Lux Natural Silver S24Panama Tote Lux Natural Silver S24
Adalyn Lux Almond Silver S24Adalyn Lux Almond Silver S24
Sold outAmara Lux Natural Silver S24Amara Lux Natural Silver S24
Bella Almond Silver S24Bella Almond Silver S24
Carolina Natural Black S24Carolina Natural Black S24
Sold outGigi Tide S24
Gigi Tide S24 Sale price$84.00
Sold outJett Almond Silver S24Jett Almond Silver S24
Sold outScottie Natural Gold S24Scottie Natural Gold S24
Zahara Pewter Silver S24Zahara Pewter Silver S24
Sold outTanya Natural S23Tanya Natural S23
Tanya Natural S23 Sale price$128.00
Sold outLizzie Antique S23Lizzie Antique S23
Lizzie Antique S23 Sale price$150.00
Sold outKendra Lux Natural Gold S23Kendra Lux Natural Gold S23
Sold outDylan Lux Pechino Silver S23Dylan Lux Pechino Silver S23
Carolina Natural Ivory S24Carolina Natural Ivory S24
Brayden Natural Silver S24Brayden Natural Silver S24
Nisida Natural Gold R23Nisida Natural Gold R23
Jill Ivory Ivory R23Jill Ivory Ivory R23


 Launched in 1998, Florabella was founded by John, Glenna and Robin. Each founder with their own background and years of experience in the fashion industry, decided to combine their talents and knowledge to start their own company. In honor of Flora Rimmer, who was an elegant and accomplished woman with an infinite love for fashion, life and travel, they named the brand Florabella after her.

Florabella developed a lifestyle collection, encouraging and encompassing luxury resort living, and can be found across the globe in the finest specialty stores and luxury resorts. This brand is a lifestyle collection that provides different and trendy, fashion forward resort beachwear and accessories to elevate styles for women of all ages. These timeless and spirited designs combined with an emphasis on natural materials, elegant colors, and functionality, the Florabella collection promotes luxury resort living. This label is worn by women of all ages who have appreciation for unique designs to support their luxurious lifestyle and relaxing resort getaways. Each Florabella piece elevated your style and is identified with the signature Florabella flower.