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Karen Lazar


Karen Lazar beaded bracelets are easy to wear, can be worn in the water, and mix well with bangles or other bracelets to make each wrist one's own.


What are Karen Lazar bracelets made out of?

Karen Lazar bracelets are made out of 14K with other metals inside. (No Nickel Used) 

Will Karen Lazar bracelets tarnish?

The Yellow Gold and Rose Gold will not tarnish. You may wear them in the shower, bath, swimming pool, or ocean. The Sterling Silver will tarnish naturally with the acids in your skin, wearing them in chlorinated water will expedite the oxidation.

Will Karen Lazar bracelets stretch out?

The bracelets will have minimal stretching if you are gentle putting them off and taking them off one at a time. Never yank them off or pull them away from the hand or wall while removing. I like to call it “Peeling them off your hand one at a time.”

What are the Karen Lazar bracelets strung on?

The bracelets are strung on a delicate jewelry elastic cord. They are not like a rubber band, but easily stretch over your hand to be fitted. The gemstones are on a stretchier cord and worn the same way as the classics.

Is there a clasp on the Karen Lazar bracelet?

There is no clasp.

If I have never purchased a Karen Lazar bracelet before, what do you recommend?

We would recommend starting with our classic 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm, for a more petite look, or a 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm for a chunkier look.

Proper Care of your Bracelets

- Do not pull or yank your bracelets

- The elastic is for easy on and off

- Please put on and take off one at a time

- Rolling On - touching your hand the entire time never stretching more than the widest part of your knuckles "thumb to pinky"

This will ensure your bracelets stay nice and fitted.

The gemstones are on a stretchier chord - Most people wear same size as classics