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Save 40%Misa ekat skirt citrus slice full bodyMisa ekat skirt citrus slice side view
Ekat Skirt Citrus Slice Su24 Sale price$231.00 Regular price$385.00
Save 30%Misa Ashanti Dress Bain De Soleil front viewMisa Ashanti Dress Bain De Soleil side view
Ashanti Dress Bain De Soleil Su24 Sale price$269.50 Regular price$385.00
Save 40%Negine Dress Palmarei Blooms Mix S24Negine Dress Palmarei Blooms Mix S24
Negine Dress Palmarei Blooms Mix S24 Sale price$282.00 Regular price$470.00
Save 50%Marina Dress Dewdrop Eyelet S24Marina Dress Dewdrop Eyelet S24
Marina Dress Dewdrop Eyelet S24 Sale price$230.00 Regular price$460.00
Sold outSave 50%Ora Top Lucid Dream S24Ora Top Lucid Dream S24
Ora Top Lucid Dream S24 Sale price$120.00 Regular price$240.00
Save 50%Ksenia White Eyelet S24Ksenia White Eyelet S24
Ksenia White Eyelet S24 Sale price$205.00 Regular price$410.00
Save 50%Irena Dress Limoncello Geo Mix S24Irena Dress Limoncello Geo Mix S24
Irena Dress Limoncello Geo Mix S24 Sale price$232.50 Regular price$465.00
Save 70%Silvana Top Flora Tropical Mix R24Silvana Top Flora Tropical Mix R24
Silvana Top Flora Tropical Mix R24 Sale price$96.00 Regular price$320.00
Save 70%Clara Top Plum H23Clara Top Plum H23
Clara Top Plum H23 Sale price$78.00 Regular price$260.00
Save 70%Setarah Dress Astral Dusted H23Setarah Dress Astral Dusted H23
Setarah Dress Astral Dusted H23 Sale price$118.50 Regular price$395.00
Save 70%Misa Amber Dress Midnight Shibori MixMisa Amber Dress Midnight Shibori Mix lifestyle
Amber Dress Midnight Shibori Mix F23 Sale price$123.00 Regular price$410.00
Save 70%Alexis Top Flora Dot F23Alexis Top Flora Dot F23
Alexis Top Flora Dot F23 Sale price$82.50 Regular price$275.00
Sold outSave 70%Nanda Skirt Flora Dot F23Nanda Skirt Flora Dot F23
Nanda Skirt Flora Dot F23 Sale price$99.00 Regular price$330.00


Shadi Askari-Farhat launched MISA in 2016. MISA is a combination of her daughters' names which makes this brand even more personal for her. This deep connection to the name is reflected in both quality and feeling in her products. MISA explores and emphasizes on romantic hearts, bohemian spirit and style, and a “wanderlust eye”. This brand is deeply connected and influenced by her myriad passions like travel, art and design. The core principle and staple of MISA is effortless femininity incorporated with an ideal of dressing in fluid silhouettes easily. Through airy and light fabrics, unique prints, and intricate detailing MISA creates “many moment” dresses, essentials for mixing and matching and knitwear that can be dressed up or dressed down. From weekday wear to evening weekends and from home wear to vacations abroad there is something for everything at MISA. By a team of designers, pattern-makers, and sewing professionals who have been there throughout the brands existence all of the pieces from MISA are handmade and handcrafted in Los Angeles. Each garment is carefully constructed, some even have over 50 steps in the process of creation, which makes these pieces so luxurious and high end.