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Sold outNation Constance V neck top in white
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Nation LTD is a contemporary brand that explores the undone aesthetic all while making fashion feel as effortless as putting a T-shirt on. Designed in Los Angeles, Nation LTD designs effortless and wearable clothing that make women feel comfortable and confident during the day and into the night hours. Through innovative and cutting edge fabrics, details, and eco friendly methods every collection produced is beautiful and unique. Unfocused on the extravagance of unwearable garments, Nation LTD is very determined to make every piece in it’s collection wearable and versatile, just like a T-shirt. Through working with small communities throughout Peru, Nation LTD is able to give it’s consumers the best quality fabrics possible. Peruvian cotton is a fabric they use, this fabric is harvested by hand, spun into a yarn and then knit into the fabric and then sewn into pieces all throughout Peru. For those who are climate conscious, this fabric has a very low carbon footprint. Recycled cotton is another sustainable fabric they use constantly, this cotton is spun and taken from discarded pieces which makes every new piece unique and environmentally conscious. Baby Alpaca is one of their favorite fabrics to use because unlike cashmere goats, alpacas do not overgraze and while it takes four goats to make a cashmere sweater, it takes one alpaca to make four sweaters. It’s a better fabric, from a better source for a better result. As you can see sustainability and environmental consciousness is an extremely important staple for Nation LTD. They value the customer experience all the while ensuring that their products are the best made, the best quality, and the best for you.