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Sabina Musayev Faye Dress in Rose Quartz
Sabina Musayev risa dress in raspberry
Sabina Musayev Pollonia Dress Mahogany Brown Print
Save 30%Liatris Dress Black Print S24Liatris Dress Black Print S24
Sabina Musayev
Liatris Dress Black Print S24 Sale price$238.00 Regular price$340.00
Save 30%Bella Dress Black Print S24
Sabina Musayev
Bella Dress Black Print S24 Sale price$276.50 Regular price$395.00
Save 40%Franny Dress Rose Gold S24Franny Dress Rose Gold S24
Sabina Musayev
Franny Dress Rose Gold S24 Sale price$285.00 Regular price$475.00
Save 50%Lilibet Dress Oatmeal PS24Lilibet Dress Oatmeal PS24
Sabina Musayev
Lilibet Dress Oatmeal PS24 Sale price$212.50 Regular price$425.00
Sold outSave 50%Sadie Dress Oatmeal PS24Sadie Dress Oatmeal PS24
Sabina Musayev
Sadie Dress Oatmeal PS24 Sale price$172.50 Regular price$345.00
Save 70%Viva Dress Dark Brown PS24Viva Dress Dark Brown PS24
Sabina Musayev
Viva Dress Dark Brown PS24 Sale price$129.00 Regular price$430.00
Save 70%Liroy Pants Dark Brown PS24Liroy Pants Dark Brown PS24
Sabina Musayev
Liroy Pants Dark Brown PS24 Sale price$68.40 Regular price$228.00
Save 70%Ifat Top Dark Brown PS24Ifat Top Dark Brown PS24
Sabina Musayev
Ifat Top Dark Brown PS24 Sale price$67.50 Regular price$225.00
Save 70%Yaela Skirt Black PS24Yaela Skirt Black PS24
Sabina Musayev
Yaela Skirt Black PS24 Sale price$64.50 Regular price$215.00

Sabina Musayev

 At the core of SABINA MUSAYEV lies a commitment to crafting high-quality, impeccably tailored pieces designed to stand the test of time. Our collections offer a harmonious blend of sophistication, casual comfort, and alluring glamor, catering to both everyday wear and those special moments.

In a world of fleeting trends, we firmly believe in the enduring value of old-world craftsmanship and traditional techniques. We pay homage to the skills passed down through generations, ensuring that every piece we create is a testament to the timeless balance of classic and contemporary.