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Save 50%Merida Shirt Sky Blue R24Merida Shirt Sky Blue R24
Merida Shirt Sky Blue R24 Sale price$97.00 Regular price$194.00
Save 70%Delphine Polo Sweater Black H23Delphine Polo Sweater Black H23
Delphine Polo Sweater Black H23 Sale price$62.10 Regular price$207.00
Save 70%Cali Sweater Black H23Cali Sweater Black H23
Cali Sweater Black H23 Sale price$58.20 Regular price$194.00
Save 70%Cali Sweater Platinum H23Cali Sweater Platinum H23
Cali Sweater Platinum H23 Sale price$58.20 Regular price$194.00
Save 70%Hudson Cardigan Stone F23Hudson Cardigan Stone F23
Hudson Cardigan Stone F23 Sale price$64.80 Regular price$216.00
Save 70%Keaton Pants Black F23Keaton Pants Black F23
Keaton Pants Black F23 Sale price$66.00 Regular price$220.00


Sundays was founded by Julie Marder, with many ideas and intentions in mind. This brand is the expression and celebration of the effortless style for women who share a natural confidence in themselves and the clothing they wear. Sundays is a remembrance of Marder’s time in the depth of the coast of Italy, emphasizing a sense of ease and comfort from breezy days where hours passed and before you noticed the day was done. Unfocused on trendy and season specific pieces, Sundays creates pieces that last for years and years, similar to the ideal against fast fashion that is thrown away as quickly as it is purchased. Sundays is all about memories and the living memories at that, rather than a fantastic memorable moment it is a fantastic memorable experience and state of being. This brand embodies ease and style regardless of your age, where you reside, or how you chose to live your life and spend your days. Through high quality staples and essentials, Sunday was created to provide women with immediate confidence .