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Luxe Everyday Woven BisqueLuxe Everyday Woven Bisque
Luxe TRVL2 Case Woven WhiteLuxe TRVL2 Case Woven White
Luxe Everyday Woven WhiteLuxe Everyday Woven White
Luxe Train2 Woven WhiteLuxe Train2 Woven White
Luxe Train2 Woven White Sale price$80.00
Sold outLuxe Jewel CognacLuxe Jewel Cognac
Luxe Jewel Cognac Sale price$30.00
Luxe Faux Fur Dome Clutch SlateLuxe Faux Fur Dome Clutch Slate
Luxe Train2 Woven BisqueLuxe Train2 Woven Bisque
Clutch Straw Metallic SilverClutch Straw Metallic Silver
Glam Bag Straw Metallic GoldGlam Bag Straw Metallic Gold
Sold outClassique Bag Batik MistClassique Bag Batik Mist
Sold outBig Glam Lattice CocoBig Glam Lattice Coco
Big Glam Lattice Coco Sale price$20.00
Luxe Duo Dome Bag Set Woven Pink SandLuxe Duo Dome Bag Set Woven Pink Sand
Luxe Jewelry Wallet Woven BleuLuxe Jewelry Wallet Woven Bleu
Sold outLuxe Train2 Woven BleuLuxe Train2 Woven Bleu
Luxe Train2 Woven Bleu Sale price$80.00
Sold outLuxe Woven Zip Around Pink SandLuxe Woven Zip Around Pink Sand
Sold outLuxe Train Woven Pink SandLuxe Train Woven Pink Sand
Mini Classique Lattice CocoMini Classique Lattice Coco
Mini Classique Batik MistMini Classique Batik Mist
Clutch Straw Metallic GoldClutch Straw Metallic Gold
Luxe TRVL2 Case Woven BisqueLuxe TRVL2 Case Woven Bisque
Luxe Zip Around Woven BronzeLuxe Zip Around Woven Bronze
Sold outLuxe TRVL2 Case Woven BronzeLuxe TRVL2 Case Woven Bronze
Luxe Jewelry Wallet Woven BronzeLuxe Jewelry Wallet Woven Bronze
Sold outLuxe Train2 Woven BronzeLuxe Train2 Woven Bronze
Sold outOn Board Bag Straw IndigoOn Board Bag Straw Indigo
Sold outTerry Tile Medium Pouch PinkTerry Tile Medium Pouch Pink
Terry Tile Medium Pouch OrangeTerry Tile Medium Pouch Orange
Sold outTerry Tile Medium Pouch BlueTerry Tile Medium Pouch Blue
Sold outTerry Tile Medium Pouch GreenTerry Tile Medium Pouch Green
Terry Tile Medium Pouch WhiteTerry Tile Medium Pouch White
Sold outTerry Tile Large Pouch PinkTerry Tile Large Pouch Pink
Terry Tile Large Pouch OrangeTerry Tile Large Pouch Orange
Sold outTerry Tile Large Pouch GreenTerry Tile Large Pouch Green
Sold outTerry Tile Large Pouch BlueTerry Tile Large Pouch Blue
Terry Tile Large Pouch WhiteTerry Tile Large Pouch White
Mini On Board Tiki Straw OrangeMini On Board Tiki Straw Orange
Luxe Bali Straw Everything Bag Cane SandLuxe Bali Straw Everything Bag Cane Sand
Sold outLuxe Bali Straw Everything Bag Cane MidnightLuxe Bali Straw Everything Bag Cane Midnight
Luxe Jewelry Wallet Trame Woven BisqueLuxe Jewelry Wallet Trame Woven Bisque
Sold outLuxe Trame Woven Zip Around BleuLuxe Trame Woven Zip Around Bleu
Sold outLuxe Duo Dome Bag Set Woven BleuLuxe Duo Dome Bag Set Woven Bleu
Sold outMini On Board Straw SandMini On Board Straw Sand
Glam Bag Straw Metallic SilverGlam Bag Straw Metallic Silver
Sold outLuxe Trame Woven Zip Around BisqueLuxe Trame Woven Zip Around Bisque
Luxe Train Woven Duo Dome Bags BisqueLuxe Train Woven Duo Dome Bags Bisque
Big Glam Straw WhiteBig Glam Straw White
Big Glam Straw White Sale price$40.00
Sold outOn Board Bag Straw WhiteOn Board Bag Straw White
Sold outMini On Board Straw WhiteMini On Board Straw White


TRVL Design is a perfect brand for packing necessities. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, holiday vacation, or a trip to work TRVL design has something for you. Packing and bringing things you need to places you’re going can be difficult and most of all unfashionable. Many times, when you pack you cram everything into a bag or a few bags that are mis-matched and occasionally just don’t have the appropriate space you need to store your items. TRVL Design is the perfect brand for those of you who need a more organized method of packing that is still cute and fashionable. These chic travel bags and cases come in a variety of sizes, chapes, colors, and coordinated designs for your travel needs wherever, and however long, you’re going. These bags come in great prints or in plain aesthetic colors, they can also even be monogrammed for a more personalized touch or a great gift. In addition, these bags can be used to pack inside of each other when you aren’t using them, so there is no mess in a closet somewhere full of randomly thrown bags and cases. There are bags and cases for  a variety of things. For example they have a multitude of bags that can be used for makeup and hair products for when you need a toiletry bag either on your way to work or transporting your things to your vacation destination. These luxurious and well made bags and cases are stylish, high quality, and at an inexpensive price point for those who want cute things to travel with without breaking the bank. You can also get several bags for the price of one at another store, for all the same quality! From glam bags to large totes, you can find something for whenever, whatever, and whoever!