HA-41 Angora Blend Pom Hat Olive

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Linda Richards Angora Blend Pom Hat Olive. A must-have winter accessory that seamlessly combines style and warmth. Crafted from quality materials and adorned with a genuine fur pom pom, it's an embodiment of luxury and practicality.

The Linda Richards Rib Hat is made from a high-quality blend of wool, ensuring warmth and comfort during chilly days. What sets it apart is the addition of a genuine fur pom pom, elevating the hat's aesthetic appeal and providing a touch of luxury to your winter wardrobe.

Whether you're running errands around town or heading for a winter adventure, this rib hat is versatile enough to complement any occasion. Its casual elegance makes it suitable for everyday wear, while the genuine fur pom pom adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal accessory for special winter outings.


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