Marsh Gloves Charcoal x Gray F23

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Evolg Marsh Touch Screen Gloves in Charcoal x Gray Stripes
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This is EVOLG's original-stripe collection.  This is great for both women and men who love both casual fashion and high quality Angola mixed wool yarn that gives you soft and feminine touch.  Luxury yarn and long knitted ribs keep you warm from clod winter days.  


One Size fits all.  


We wanted to make our gloves truly touch screen capable.   In our mind,  products must have a precise fingertip control which enables almost all the touch screen operations including typing letters.

It took us 2 years to develop a special conductive yarn, DMA YARN, which is processed by a special spinning method to mix fibers with ionized titanium.  Using this patented technology makes our gloves highly conductive while maintaining original comfort and warmth.   

Each year, when new phone models are introduced, we also update the composition of raw materials so that our gloves' touch screen function works properly*.

This yarn is metal allergy friendly.

* For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Users.  A few customers reported that there was a sensitivity issue when pressing iPhone's home button.  If you experience this, please turn on iPhones Assistive Touch function on screen.  


All of our knit gloves, are designed, manufactured, and packaged in Japan.  We only use finest Japanese materials that are carefully selected by our master glove maker.  Then, materials are put to our half century old factory that accumulated knitting techniques to produce best in class gloves. 


50°F - 40°F (10°C - 5°C)


Wool 69.2%,Nylon 17.7%,Rayon 6.6%,Acrylic 5.5%,Polyurethane 1.0% 


To clean knit gloves, use a special knit detergent to gently wash the dirty parts by hand and do not use a dryer.  Do not dry clean. 


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