Top Alba CT Stripe Pink Queen Liberty S24

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An elegant and chic romantic top. This strapless blouse features sewn-in pleats for a discreetly sophisticated look. Adjust the shoulder fit to match your mood with the sliding tie detail.

The flowing fabric drapes effortlessly, creating a flattering silhouette that moves with grace. Whether paired with tailored trousers for a polished ensemble or with denim for a more relaxed vibe, this versatile top is sure to elevate any outfit.

The subtle details and timeless design make it a wardrobe essential for any modern romantic.

Its timeless design and subtle details make it a must-have for any contemporary romantic. Embrace the effortless allure of this strapless blouse and showcase your style with every stride you take.

100% COTTON STRIPE. Machine wash cold; delicate cycle. Hang to dry.

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