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Crop Brighton Bleach PF24Crop Brighton Bleach PF24
ASKK Brick House Wide Leg DynomiteASKK Brick House Wide Leg Dynomite close up
ASKK Brighton Wide Leg Keel OverASKK Brighton Wide Leg Keel Over different angle
Save 20%High Rise Short Berkley S24
High Rise Short Berkley S24 Sale price$147.20 Regular price$184.00
Sold outCropped Brighton Twill Ivory S24Cropped Brighton Twill Ivory S24
Crop Wide Leg Keel Over S24
Classic Tee Ivory S24
Classic Tee Ivory S24 Sale price$105.00
Save 30%Virginia Short Nova S24
Virginia Short Nova S24 Sale price$122.50 Regular price$175.00
Save 30%Sailor Twill Viper S24Sailor Twill Viper S24
Sailor Twill Viper S24 Sale price$178.50 Regular price$255.00
Save 60%maxi skirt berkleyMaxi Skirt Berkley S24
Maxi Skirt Berkley S24 Sale price$110.00 Regular price$275.00
Cropped Brighton Daytona S24
Sold outSave 30%Roller Jean Ice PS24Roller Jean Ice PS24
Roller Jean Ice PS24 Sale price$209.30 Regular price$299.00
Cropped Brighton BarrioCropped Brighton Barrio
Cropped Brighton Barrio Sale price$275.00
Save 30%Carpenter Mammoth PS24Carpenter Mammoth PS24
Carpenter Mammoth PS24 Sale price$210.00 Regular price$300.00
Save 50%Split Boot Thaw F23Split Boot Thaw F23
Split Boot Thaw F23 Sale price$127.50 Regular price$255.00
Save 70%Brighton wide leg Mink F23Brighton wide leg Mink F23
Brighton wide leg Mink F23 Sale price$76.50 Regular price$255.00
Save 50%Cruz Boot Marcos F23Cruz Boot Marcos F23
Cruz Boot Marcos F23 Sale price$150.00 Regular price$300.00


ASKK was created with one mission in mind, which is to make simple clothes customers can make their own. Long time colleagues and friends who love clothes and fashion, specifically denim, noticed a dull repetition in fashion and its current atmosphere. One of the founders, Andrea, has over 17 years in the business side of fashion known for launching the Rag & Bone direct to customer business and has worked with high end name brands as well. Andrea is not driven by the runway fashion, instead she listens to the consumer and makes clothing that they actually want to and can wear. The other founder, Katrina is a denim expert who started as J-brand’s first employee, and later on moved to be Rag & Bone’s first denim designer bringing some of the most iconic jeans to the marketplace. Between these two women they created a new brand ASKK that speaks to the consumer and not to the fashion atmosphere. Instead of being so focused on making core pieces that will be in the wardrobe forever sitting unused and untouched, they decided to chase trends and create modern, chic and exciting fashion essentials. ASKK is all about individuality, simplicity, and quality. ASKK had three key things they felt strongly about when creating the brand: Using the best fabrics, dominantly Japanese, producing in Los Angeles, and Design clothing for everyone of every shape and size. ASKK is a place to buy beautiful, well made, and simple garments that customers can make their own and will wear more than a few times.